Who We Are?

Established 16 years ago, Sadhana Trust is a Non-Governmental Organization, located in Tiruchirappalli, TamilNadu, India. From the beginning, our trust is working for the welfare of the down-trodden, under-privileged and weaker sections of the society. Our projects and programs are aimed at improving the education, culture, health and personality of each and every individual of our society with special focus on under-privileged sections. As a part of our health-care initiative, we are having a Neurotherapy Center. Neurotherapy is a gland activation therapy system that can be a substitute to Yoga, similar to Physiotherapy and does not rely on medication. Patients with prolonged chronic ailments and mentally retarded patients have testified the usefulness of the drug less Neurotherapy system. We are arranging Blood Donors for the needy patients.


We also organise Blood Group Identification programs. Our trust has tied-up with an Eye Hospital, for facilitating Eye-Donation. Our trust arranges a one-day Mangala Sangamam program for newly-wedded couple and we have 'Thula Cauvery' snanam and a series of Homams on that day! Our service activities are aimed at overall development of our Nation.


  • To promote educational, cultural and humanitarian activities in the light of ancient culture of the age of the Upanishads, like Yoga, Dance, Holistic Educational activities.
  • To promote in the field of Yoga Therapy and Naturopathy.
  • To promote, conduct and assist in the dissemination of the above objects to the members of the public, to establish, organize, hold classes, and study groups to publish and be associated to encourage and provide facilities and related activities.


Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

  • Special Yoga Teaching Classes.
  • Free Hindi, Sanskrit Classes.
  • Special classes to children on every Sunday about Indian Heritage emblem.

Our Vision

Sadhana trust aims to transform our society into an Egalitarian Society of well behaved, cultured, patriotic and educated individuals willing to contribute their might in the huge effort towards the all-round development of our great heritage and Nation Bharath.

Our Mission

For the Poor  To provide quality social welfare services to enable them to meet life's challenges.
For the Community  To promote social and family responsibilities.
For our Staff  To develop individual potential and reward results; to empower and build an innovative, cohesive and professional team.
For Welfare Organizations  To promote synergy conducive to efficient and effective service delivery.